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These apps are cretive and inoative; simple and easy ways to inprove your life and the way you interact with your phone

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Instantly convert dozens of different units!

qwikConvert - the popular Dashboard widget - now available in the App Store!

With qwikConvert, simply enter the amount and the units you want to convert (e.g. 3 meters) and you will instantly see it converted into other units - without having to specify which one you need. Simply scroll down the list to see your measurement translated: 3.28 yards, 9.84 feet, 0.002 miles, and so on.

Most converters make you select the unit you're converting from, then the unit you are converting to, and then you can enter the amount you want to convert. By converting into a number of other units as soon as you've entered your measurement, qwikConvert gives you your answer in a fraction of the time.

qwikConvert is fast and easy to use, with (hideable) help prompts, and also includes a full user guide within the App!

    Key Features
  • Instantly convert dozens of units
  • Identify units by abbreviation, symbol or name
  • Live Maths: convert from numbers or mathematical expressions (e.g. convert from £(40+27)*1.2); also simply type lists of numbers to add them together
  • Fixed Currency Rates: when traveling, you can fix currencies to the rate you actually paid, overriding the live rates
  • Conversions are biased to your country ($ means US$ for Americans and CAD$ for Canadians)
  • Swap units with a simple tab
  • Live daily currency updates download when you need them
  • Currency conversions work without an internet connection
  • User Guide built into the app, with access to all the units
    Special Features
  • qwikConvert has a built-in calculator, a feature we call Live Maths, type numbers with +-*/ signs to calculate a number to convert, whether you're adding sales tax or postage to a foreign currency, calculating cooking hours based on the weight of meat, or totaling a list of meaurements ready for conversion into another unit.
  • Using qwikConvert for currency conversions you will always use a live rate when connected to the internet. However, if you're travelling you can fix the conversion rate to the amount you actually paid for your foreign money, so you know exactly how much you are spending - even if the rate changes while you're away!
  • qwikConvert also knows where you live (via your system settings, NOT via GPS) - so if you live in the US $ will mean US dollars, if you live in Australia or Canada it will mean your local currency. UK users converting pints and gallons will also easily see past US weights and measures, whilst US users will see UK measures clearly labelled.
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qwikConvert is also a popular Dashboard widget for Mac OS X - download for free via ben-robinson.com

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A QR (Quick Response) barcode reader for iPhone and iPod Touch

qwikScan aims to be the most comprehensive QR code scanner available on any platform, if you can scan the code qwikScan will know what to do with it.

Written in partnership with Leicester City Learning Centres, qwikScan also has a educational focus - special codes generated for qwikScan allow the downloading and instant playing of movies sounds, pictures, even webpages - stick a QR code in your resources to embed movies into your worksheets. Media files can be download and stored within qwikScan ready for offline viewing, offline files can be opened from a list of media or simply by rescanning the same code.

qwikScan has all the standard features you'd expect; open the app and the camera is immediately ready to grab a code - as soon as the camera sees a code, qwikScan will do whatever the code says! A complete history of scans (optionally with the location the code was scanned) is saved so you can call it back later.

qwikScan also lists all the media that has been saved to the phone. The comprehensive settings, which also provide the deletion of saved media can be locked behind a passcode to protect them from the users (i.e. school children)

Also, coming soon, full language support - qwikScan can operate in any language you choose, including languages that are not supported by the iPhone - if you want to provide a translation, just let us know!

Use qwikScan with QRCodeGallery.com - This website enables the generation of all common and some qwikScan specific codes. A project pack section allows you to upload various file types to generate a code for that media. These media codes will work with most QR Code scanners on most devices, but qwikScan also allows use of mini optimised codes and multiple file download with a single code.

Upload files into a project pack on QRCodeGallery.com, print a code sheet to distribute the codes then download all the files into qwikScan with a single code - ready for use offline!

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Select and copy characters from your iPhone and iPad to all your applications!

This app shows you all the characters from the Unicode character set that are supported by iPhone and iPad. It excludes all those that routinely appear as little boxes on these devices.

Simply tap the character to copy it to the clipboard.

This app makes it so easy to send emoticons, stars, hearts, music notes and other symbols in text messages and emails.

    Special features:
  • see only those characters supported by iPhone and iPad
  • easily find characters from other alphabets including Greek, Cyrillic, Gujarati, Arabic, Hebrew and Braille
  • search for a particular character using its individual name (eg, theta, check)
  • or browse the name of the block (eg, dingbats, number forms, arrows)
  • easy-to-browse and well-presented character list - simply scroll down!
  • select one character to copy, or build an infinite string, using the options
  • save frequently used characters to the favourites bar

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